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Bronze Memorial Cleaning Service

Do you need help cleaning your Memorials?

We have memorial cleaning service available that my interest you!

(for ground memorials only - not above ground)

We will cut the sod around the edge of your marker base, clip the grass, wash the memorial, and oil it (as per recommendations of the manufacturer) for the cost of only $20

Twin Valley Memorial Park Grounds

Please fully understand we are just washing and oiling the memorial, not refinishing it.  If the memorial has started to age, this cleaning will temporarily brighten it but not restore it.  Periodic oiling is recommended to slow the aging process and should be done several times a year.

We have a few cleaning options available:

  • Before Memorial Day Maintenance/Cleaning

  • Fall Maintenance/Cleaning (usually in October)

  • Long Term Memorial Maintenance/Cleaning Memorial Day Only**

  • Long Term Maintenance/Cleaning Memorial Day and the October Cleaning**

**The long term Maintenance/Cleaning is a one time fee that will hopefully last for many years. 

The interest should pay all the expenses incurred.  However, since we can not project what future interest rate will be, we will not guarantee it will last forever.  We will guarantee that we will use as little of the principal as possible each year until the sum is depleted.

prices are subject to change with out notice

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