Hours: April 1st to Sept 30th - 10:00 am to 7:30 pm
October 1st to March 31st - 10:00 AM to 4:30 pm

Over-looking the beautiful memorial gardens, Twin Valley Chapel Mausoleum is among the most distinctive burial choices found anywhere.

Twin Valley Memorial Park Mausoleum Lounge

A substantial portion of the purchase price of all crypts is placed in a permanent care fund, the income from which will be adequate for both maintenance and any necessary repairs forever.  The trust fund is governed and audited by the Orphans Court of Pennsylvania, to assure proper funding and spending.

The mausoleum costs compare favorably to ground burial.  And remember, you will not be penalized at the time of need.  Prices are the same regardless of whether you purchase before need or at need.

The steel reinforced, poured-in-place construction is the most permanent type of building presently available.  The exterior is of white Indiana limestone and granite.  Colorful marbles from all parts of the world have been carefully blended to enhance the interior beauty. No expense has been spared to provide the ultimate in durability.

The centrally heated corridors and lounges are tastefully furnished with deep pile carpet on all floors, richly finished hardwoods and stained glass windows.  There can be no finer memorial for you and your loved ones.

Corridor of Eternal Rest, Twin Valley Memoral Park Mausoleum

An interest-free payment plan is available for those that choose to pre-plan.  A small down payment (approximately 1% of cost) and small monthly payments (again about 1% of the cost) are accepted.  At the time of need we offer 30 days interest free on the space used.  Any extra spaces purchased may be set up in small interest free monthly payments.

Bronze lettering, a wide variety of emblems and portrait cameos may also be purchased and

placed upon the marble crypt front.

We have several hundred different emblems to choose from including; civic, education, crafts, labor, religious, military, fraternal, dogs, cats, etc.

There are several different types of crypts available.  The type, level and location determine the price. 

Tandem - True Companion

Caskets are placed head to head
within the crypt


Prices Starts at $8150 for 6th Level.



A single casket, placed within a crypt.


Prices Starts at $5400 for 6th Level.

Standard Companion


Two caskets, in 2 separate side by side crypts, with separate marble fronts.


Prices Starts at $10,800 for 6th Level.

Deluxe Companion


Two caskets, in 2 separate side by side crypts, with a single marble front.


Prices Starts at $11,600 for 6th Level.

Prices are subject to change without notice

Sealing a Crypt

Once the casket is placed into the crypt, a cement sealer is placed in front of it and sealed with a cement-like compound.  Once the cement sealer is in place, the marble front is replaced

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Mausoleum Hours: 
April 1st to Sept 30th - 10:00 am to 7:30 pm
October 1st to March 31st - 10:00 am to 4:30 pm