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Bronze Memorial Butterflies

Butterflies have long been a popular icon, and much like the butterflies themselves, images can be found nearly everywhere. From art to poetry, jewelry to tattoos, people surround themselves with these graceful creatures. It has become popular to plant a garden to attract butterflies and even to release butterflies for commemorating meaningful events.

Powerful symbolism is associated with a butterfly. The butterfly is seen as a symbol of transformation, of resurrection and celebration. Many religions view the butterfly as a symbol of the soul, and other cultures see the butterfly as a sign of good luck, beauty and honor.

Bronze Memorial Butterflies,  Twin Valley Memorial Park
Bronze Memorial Butterflies, Twin Valley Memorial Park

This new memorial option incorporates a beautiful and meaningful image with a final and timeless tribute to a loved one.

Our New butterfly memorials are available in any of the colors shown below, in addition to Emerald Green, Dark Brown and Light Brown.

All the colors are available in matte finish for interior use, A gloss finish is recommended for exterior use.

Tiger Bronze Memorial Butterfly, Twin Valley Memorial Park

Tiger - Features a characteristic striping pattern across the wings
(shown in Red)

Admiral Bronze Memorial Butterfly, Twin Valley Memorial Park

Admiral - Easily identified by the distinctive band transversing the wings
(shown in Indigo Blue)

Monarch Bronze Memorial Butterfly, Twin Valley Memorial Park

Monarch - One of the most recognized butterflies in the country, the monarch can be found throughout the United States and Southern Canada.
(shown in Black)

Swallowtail Bronze Memorial Butterfly, Twin Valley Memorial Park

Swallowtail - Known for their bright colors and unique tails, there are forty species of swallowtail butterflies in North America.
(shown in Cardinal Red)

Beauty Bronze Memorial Butterfly, Twin Valley Memorial Park

Beauty - Exhibits a subtle pattern of veining, with highly detailed markings along the edges of the wings
(shown in Juneberry)

The Butterfly may be mounted on a rock in our butterfly garden or at home on a tree for a "back to nature" garden or memorial garden. Alternatively, the butterfly can be attached to a stake and placed in any garden.  You have the option to choose which type of mounting or installation you prefer.

Each Design is approximately 5" to 6" in size. After finishing the butterflies are bent at each wing to

"bring them to life"

The cost for these beautiful bronze butterflies is $475, regardless of color, design, or finish. If you wish the butterfly to "hover above", garden stake will be needed. An 18" stake is an additional $35, a 36" stake is $60. If you wish the butterfly attached to a flat rock, a garden stake will not be needed. To place the butterfly in our rock garden, the additional cost is $150.

You will notice on the butterfly pictures, that the names and dates have different placements, depending upon the design you choose. Endearment phrases are limited to a maximum of 20 characters and spaces.

At a charge of $15 per word

Prices subject to change without notice

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