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Ground Burial

An air of quiet beauty surrounds you at Twin Valley.  Over 60 of the parks 150 acres have been developed into beautifully landscaped lawns with flower beds, trees and a lake.  The entire cemetery is laid out in a series of gardens.  Many of the gardens have a statue or feature in which the garden is named for.

  Presently, there are over 25,000 grave spaces in nine different gardens.  There is still some space available in all of these areas.  We are presently grooming more ground for future development of new gardens.

A cement crush proof vault is required for all ground burials.  Vaults may be purchased from Twin Valley before the time of need.  We build, sell and install our own vaults.  By eliminating all middlemen we can save you tremendously on the cost.

Section M, The Garden of Atonement, Twin Valley Memorial Park

We have 9 beautiful gardens, with grave spaces starting at $600.00 each (before need or at need).  An interest free pre-need payment plan is available.  Graves, bronze memorial markers and vaults may be included in one contract with low, interest free payments.

A substantial portion of the purchase price of all graves is placed in a permanent care fund, from which the income will be adequate for maintenance and any necessary repairs.  The trust fund is governed and audited by the Orphans Court of Pennsylvania to assure proper funding and spending.

Prices subject to change without notice

The Garden of Christus, Section C, Twin Valley Memorial Park

483 Athena Drive Delmont, PA  15626
Phone:  (724) 468-5184  Fax:  (724) 468-4517

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Mausoleum Hours: 
April 1st to Sept 30th - 10:00 am to 7:30 pm
October 1st to March 31st - 10:00 AM to 4:30 pm

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